Water filtration is the premier method of water purification, removing more water contaminants more efficiently than any other technique. The district relies on six filters at the Rinconada plant for this process, using mixed media, sand and anthracite.   

When water enters the treatment facility, it is treated with ozone which kills potential pathogens that may be present, improves the taste and prepares the particles to be removed by the filters. After a step termed “clarification” where the majority of the particles are removed, the final removal of particles occurs as the water passes through layers of crushed anthracite coal and then fine sand. At this point the water is crystal clear. After water is treated at the plant, it’s stored in clearwells or pumped up to the Rinconada Reservoir before passing into the West pipeline.

Under the project, contractors will demolish the existing filters and build a new bank of 12 filters, each having a surface area of 1,105-feet.

This phase of the project is scheduled to begin in mid-2017 and last through mid-2018.


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