The people who make the project go


Project team: Santa Clara Valley Water District

Mike Munson is the Engineering Unit manager of the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s West Side Project Delivery Unit. He oversees the daily nuances of the Reliability Improvement Project and throughout the life of the project will ensure the overall effort remains on track.

Brandon Ponce is an associate civil engineer in the West Side Project Delivery Unit. He assists the project manager with daily construction management activities.

Stephanie Logan is an assistant engineer in the West Side Projects Delivery Unit and previously served as a water district intern with the Hydrology, Hydraulics and Geomorphology Unit. She is assisting with day-to-day engineering and construction activities.

Tony Mercado is Rinconada’s neighborhood liaison. He coordinates the facility’s open houses, organizes tours, produces the regular neighborhood updates and manages this blog. For any neighborhood concerns, reach him at 408-630-2342 or through email at

Water Utility staff: Santa Clara Valley Water District

Steve Twitchell is the plant supervisor at the Rinconada plant charged with keeping facility operations running smoothly on a day-to-day basis even in the midst of the upcoming heavy duty construction.

Chris Hakes is an assistant officer with the water district’s Water Utility Capital Division, where he manages and oversees projects delivered by the East Side Project Delivery and West Side Project Delivery units, the annual CIP update and general capital project support provided by the Capital Program Planning and Analysis Unit and the CADD Services Unit.

Project consultants

CDM Smith, a  consulting, engineering, construction and operations firm that provides integrated solutions in water, environment and transportation.

HDR, an architectural, engineering and consulting firm that will manage the construction of the project.

Katz and Associates, one of the nation’s leading communications firms that is assisting with promoting the large scale project.

Ken Baker is known to most neighbors of the plant as its longtime supervisor. Currently retired, he has returned to the facility he knows so well to serve in a contract role as a senior management analyst, where he’ll provide assistance with project, analysis and design.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Gilber Rivera says:

    how is the general contractor, lower bidder, amount of the lower bidder, list of subcontractors and dates of beginning and end of project?

    1. Mr. Rivera, thanks for your question. It is still too soon at this early phase of the project to determine those details. However, the project team is anticipating to have these answers by April 2015. We will post on this blog that complete information.

  2. Gilber Rivera says:

    Thank you for your pronto responds, now my question is how is the general contractor, lower bidder, amount of the lower bidder, list of subcontractors of the current active project in site.
    Thank you.

  3. Debbie Stocksick says:

    I work for Santa Clara County Fire Department and I am also a Merit Badge Counselor for the Boyscouts. I would like to set up field trips to the hospital and to your treatment plant for the “Public Health” merit badge. What the Boyscouts need to learn is: Describe how the facility safely treats and disposes of sewage or solid waste. AND, Describe how sewage and solid waste should be disposed of under wilderness camping conditions.
    Who would be my contact?
    Debbie 408-960-9165

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