Floculation and sedimentation basins

An example of a sedimentation basin.

The equipment that runs Rinconada’s current process of clarification – the removal of contaminants from incoming water to make it suitable for drinking – is out-of-date and more vulnerable to earthquakes.

So instead, the facility will abandon the existing upflow clarifiers and replace them with conventional floculation and sedimentation basins equipped with plate settlers.

In the basins, gravity causes the flocs to settle to the bottom.

Each of the four floculation basins planned consists of three stages of tapered mixing to promote the clustering of tiny, coagulated pieces of solid or liquid matter. A perforated baffle wall will divide the three stages in each basin to improve hydraulic flow distribution.

Horizontal flow sedimentation basins with inclined plate settlers are utilized to clarify the flocculated water before filtration. Place settlers were selected due to space constraints at the site.

The basins Construction on this particular project will begin in late 2015 and finish in 2017.


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