Keeping trucks on the right road

The Santa Clara Valley Water District installed left turn only traffic control signs to help keep construction vehicles on the designated haul route. This is part of the district’s effort to be a good neighbor in the community and do what is possible to reduce impacts to the area.

The first sign is at the intersection of More Avenue and Roxbury Lane and the second sign is at the gate entrance at Granada Way, which is one of the entry ways into the Rinconada Water Treatment Plant. The signs serve as a reminder to the contractor’s trucks not to flow into the neighborhood and follow the path designated by the water district and the town of Los Gatos. (See below)

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Truck Haul Route Map_2017_SL

The water district looks forward to completing the plant’s seismic retrofit project to ensure continued delivery of safe and reliable water.

If you have any concerns with truck traffic, please contact the project’s neighborhood liaison, Tony Mercado, at 408-426-1039 or via email at




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