Nothing wasted. District completes washwater recovery basins

The 9,600-square-foot washwater recovery facility is now complete. And while it doesn’t play a direct role in making your water clean and safe to drink, it’s essential to recycling all the unused water during the treatment process.

The washwater recovery basins in 2016

Made up of two basins that can hold about 528,000 gallons each for a total of more than 1 million gallons of water, this facility will recover the water used to backwash filters. It will then recycle the water back to the beginning of the treatment process so it can be treated.

By implementing a washwater recovery system, the district reuses water separated during the treatment process as well as that used to backwash the filters. This process is repeated over and over again as part of the water treatment process.

The washwater recovery basins in 2017

The district completed the basins this month and is currently testing them ahead of the start-up date. They are in the former location of the upper sludge drying basins, about 300 feet south of Granada Way and 600 feet east of More Avenue.


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