Milestone met! District completes first building in new water treatment process

Crews from BBII working at the Rinconada Water Treatment Plant recently set in place the last beam on the tallest new building at the site, a facility that will enhance the water district’s disinfection and water treatment process.

Completing the building paves the way for interior work

The completed 25-foot high ozone contactor building is a major milestone of the phase 2 segment of the Reliability Improvement Project. It now makes it possible for the Rinconada plant to utilize one of the best disinfectants available while preserving the neighborhood’s treasured views of the valley.

A glimpse inside the ozone disinfection building

BBII crews are currently back at work on electrical, mechanical and plumbing components inside the building.

Rinconada was the last water treatment plant remaining in the district’s system to still use chlorine rather than ozone disinfection. Santa Teresa and Penitencia, the district’s two other water treatment plants, began using ozone in 2003 and 2006, respectively.

Ozone is much more effective in neutralizing bacteria and viruses and can also reduce concentrations of iron, manganese and sulfur, which improves taste and reduces odor problems.

The ozone contactor building, which the district expects to be fully functional by 2019, will act as the first step in the new water treatment process. It will take in untreated water and disinfect it using ozone. The district expects operations at the building to begin in 2019 and will complete construction of the ozone generation building that will actually produce the ozone.

RWTP Topping Out 8-17
Water district staff and contractors worked hard to get the ozone building (upper right) completed on schedule

















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