Making the roads safer

Things are about to slow down a bit on More Avenue.

At least that’s what residents along that stretch of street can hope for with the installation of electronic speed indicator signs. In about three weeks, the Santa Clara Valley Water District will place two signs on the median on More, one in each direction between Roxbury Lane and Newville Drive.

The intent is to keep all drivers within the 25-mile speed limit as they head to and leave the Rinconada Water Treatment Plant. The electronic signs will show drivers their true speed with a warning to slow down. Curbing truck speed on that street, whether drivers are associated with the water district’s Reliability Improvement Project or not, was a big concern for many residents along the approved truck route.

“We heard what our neighbors were telling us and for the last few months, we’ve been working with the town of Los Gatos to get this done,” said Mike Munson, the water district’s project manager. “Safety is our primary concern. And we’re looking to do what we can to make this a safe area for our neighbors.”



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