Building for basins taking shape as construction continues

The flocculation sedimentation basins and ozone contactors currently under construction at the water treatment plant are turning into visible signs of change at the Rinconada plant. But what some people have asked is whether they’ll be as noticeable once complete and change the panoramic view of the Santa Clara Valley?

A look at the most recent artist renderings of the facilities should alleviate those concerns as it appears the viewscape will remain largely unchanged.

400 More Ave Gate 3-29-16 preview_Page_1
View from More Avenue near the upper gate entrance during this year’s construction.
400 More Ave Gate 3-29-16 preview_Page_2.jpg
Projected view from More Avenue near the upper gate at the end of construction for the facilities in 2021. 
400 More Ave Gate 3-29-16 preview_Page_3
Photo shows the view at the completion of the entire Reliability Improvement Project.

“Based on the rendering, we don’t believe there will be a significant impact to the view,” Assistant Engineer Stephanie Logan said.

The facilities will be about 19-feet tall, will house four flocculation and four sedimentation basins. Construction on the building began September 2015 and will last through January 2017.

Basins represent two facilities key to the second step of the water treatment process. Water in these basins gently mix with coagulants, allowing the particles in the water to settle and form sludge.The water and sludge are separated at this step.


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