New buildings won’t hamper valley views

A big question asked by neighbors about the new buildings planned for the Rinconada Water Treatment Plant is just how high the structures will rise and how they will impact the views of the Santa Clara Valley from the plant.

The short answer is, not by much, according to Project Manager Mike Munson. The height of the two facilities being constructed during this second phase of construction _ the raw ozone contactor and flocculation and sedimentation basin _ rise no more than 28-feet.

“As best we can determine, the new building heights will not block views of the valley,” he said, noting the raw water ozone contactor building will stand about 25-feet high, with a 3-foot tall roof railing.

116 Los Patios Rendering - copy
Artist rendering of how the views will appear with the new buildings.

The contactor is the first step in the new water treatment process. It takes in untreated water and disinfects it using ozone, which kills bacteria, improves the waters color and odor and reduces the waters turbidity.

The other new building, the flocculation and sedimentation basin, will serve in the second step of the new treatment process. In this basin, the water gently mixes allowing the particles in the water to settle and form sludge. The sludge and water are then separated at this step. The building will be about 19-feet tall, with a 3-foot roof railing.

The water district expects to complete construction of these two new facilities in winter 2016.


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