District installs new pipeline during plant shutdown

Water production is up and running again following a routine shutdown of the Rinconada plant during the week of Jan. 12, allowing contractors to install a 72-inch raw water pipeline and perform electrical work.

Contractors can only perform the work with the plant completely shut down and not treating its regular 40 million gallons per day. This was the second of seven shutdowns planned through the project’s 2020 completion.

The water district often shuts down its treatment plants for short periods of time during the winter months when water demand is low to do routine maintenance. Since Rinconada’s production is critical for the districts west side customers, the shutdown was limited to five days.

One of the main items accomplished was a raw water pipeline tie-in, a connection that will allow a future tie-in of the Raw Water Flow Control and Metering facility.  The building will control the amount of untreated and raw water coming into the plant.

Contractors turned the plant back over to the district Jan. 19. Work had progressed later than expected on some evenings due to unexpected challenges related to the pipeline installation.

The next shut down takes place in early March.

-By Stephanie Logan, SCVWD Assistant Engineer


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