Tree removal crucial to project

The water district must remove a number of trees from the perimeter of the water treatment plant to accommodate site security as part of the Reliability Improvement Project.

As of Dec. 22, the district has removed 119 trees from the site, including 51 last February during the project’s first phase from the northern staging area along More Avenue, Capistrano Place and Granada Way that helped create the construction staging areas. In November, the district took the remaining trees during the second phase from along Granada Way. Species removed included Eucalyptus, Oak, Monterey Pine and ornamentals.

The district has planned a third phase of tree removals for spring 2019. It will replace about 733 trees at the treatment plant tentatively in 2020.

In response to a plant neighbor’s request at the Dec. 9 public meeting, the water district has provided the following view of the water treatment plant showing the tree removal area.

Tree Removal Map_All Phases

-By Stephanie Logan, Assistant Engineer, SCVWD


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