Board of directors approves Rinconada construction contract

The modernization of the Rinconada Water Treatment Plant took a big step forward May 26 as the board of directors awarded a $179 million construction contract to Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Inc.

Water district directors voted unanimously for the contract that will create or sustain between 1,800 to 3,600 jobs and called for the project team to report back on a quarterly basis on the progress of the work.

Balfour Beatty submitted the bid in May, one that was about 5.2 percent lower than the $189,000 estimate by CDM, the water district’s engineering consultant. Headquartered in West Covina, Balfour Beatty specializes in large complex projects that include highways, bridges, tunnels and drinking water treatment plants.

The water district board also lowered the amount project staff could authorize for change orders, from $500,000 to $250,000. Anything above $250,000 would require board approval. Change orders allow a project team to quickly address unforeseen or changed site conditions and other unanticipated occurrences, without causing unnecessary delays or consequential costs to the project. The project’s deputy operating officer and the water district’s chief executive officer would continue to be able to authorize change orders up to $1 million.

Work is scheduled to begin later this summer.

Tony M - Copy– Tony Mercado
Neighborhood Liaison


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