Bids are in. Awarding construction contract is next step

Balfour Beatty  Infrastructure of Fairfield, California topped five other contractors to emerge with the lowest bid to do construction work on the Reliability Improvement Project.

20150506_140205During a May 6  bid opening at the water district campus, staff from our Capital Planning and Analysis Unit opened sealed envelopes and read aloud the bids to the assembled contractors. All five of the bids, responsive to the district’s requirements, arrived within eight minutes of the 2 deadline.

The bid from Balfour Beatty came in at $179,850,000. PCL Construction and Walsh Construction Company were next at $193,687,203 and $199,835,984 respectively.   The water district had estimated the project at $189,780,000.

Having the lowest bid, however, doesn’t automatically authorize the company to begin work. Over the next few days, the review process of the three low bids will take place. Our Capital Planning and Analysis Unit will look at all details of the bids, including whether forms are correctly filled out, if contractors and subcontractors are properly licensed and registered, whether the bid is bonded and so on.

At the board of director’s regular meeting on May 26, district staff will recommend directors award the contract to Balfour Beatty. With the approval, the contractor can begin work in early summer. The project is expected to last five years.

Tony M - Copy– Tony Mercado
Neighborhood Liaison


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