Finish just ahead for dual projects

The pumping of about $50 million since 2005 into facility improvements at the Rinconada Water Treatment Plant sparked excitement among plant operations and maintenance workers there. And the energy continues with the capital improvements now underway, including two current projects nearing completion just in time for the start of the $250 million Reliability Improvement Project.

A contractor clears debris from within the operations building.

The Operations Building Seismic Retrofit Project will modernize the building where staff monitor and control every phase of the treatment process. And the Residuals Management Project will provide state-of-the-art control centers for raw water and treatment operations and a new centrifuge system for sludge handling and replace the belt press system.

These projects will see completion by spring 2016, good news for the nearly 50-year-old plant that delivers 80 million gallons a day as the sole supplier to the districts retail customers on the west side of the service area.

Once the Reliability project kicks in, the plant will continue “normal’ operations during construction, with scheduled construction shutdowns limited to a maximum of two weeks duration in winter months. The total facility improvements add up to almost ten years of intense construction coordination and more than $300M in improvements.

Some of those improvements include:

  • Replacing up flow clarifiers with conventional flocculation/sedimentation
  • Replacing six filters with 12.
  • Adding raw water ozone treatment
  • Adding a new hypochlorite storage and metering system
  • Increasing rated capacity to 100 million gallons per day

When finished, the operators can heave a collective sigh of relief and start using their new plant that should last another 50 years.

Tara Pozzi– Tara Pozzi
SCVWD intern


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