Rinconada removes unhealthy trees as plant prepares for construction

Recently, the water district removed a number of older and unhealthy trees from within the Rinconada grounds as part of the plan to prepare the water treatment plant for June construction.

In February, Tree Techs by the Bay removed 52 trees from throughout the plant, including Red Iron Barks, Bushy Yates, Coast Live Oaks, Valley Oaks and California Peppers. More than half of these trees were in poor health. The removal will help construction workers to better maneuver around the site, while making room for newer trees that will shield the plant’s adjacent neighbors from the ongoing work.

Over the next few months, the water district will plant 41 new trees along the northern corner of the plant that will visually screen the construction areas and address residential requests to keep the work as hidden as possible from the neighborhood. The district is also working with the town of Los Gatos to develop a plan that would include replacing all removed trees and restoring the site’s natural habitat in all areas possible.

image001 (1)

This work is one of many highlights our blog will cover over the next few weeks as the look of the plant begins to change. Next week, we will delve into the new landscaping. Make sure to subscribe for free to the blog to be kept in the loop on the latest Rinconada news.

Tara Pozzi– Tara Pozzi, SCVWD Intern


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