Project will boost local economy

Water district staff describe the project to potential construction contract bidders for the Reliability Improvement Project

The Reliability Improvement Project will upgrade the way in which the district treats its water. But it’s also going to improve the lives of many people in Santa Clara County, providing an opportunity for 3,800 individuals to work and further the economic recovery of the region.”This project is the mother of all water district job creators,” said Engineering Unit Manager Mike Munson, looking out at a field of about 100 hard hat wearing individuals.

The March 4 pre-bid meeting at the plant helped clarify any concerns and answer questions bidders may have had with the project plans and specifications.

Contractors went deep into the treatment plant during the tour.
Contractors go deep into the treatment plant during the tour.

“These folks are spending tens of thousands of dollars preparing bids, so we want to do whatever we can do as a responsible organization to support their bid,” said Munson against the background noise of pounding jackhammers within the operations building that is undergoing a seismic retrofit.

“Being here at the plant and seeing the environment they’ll potentially be working in will help them make a good bid.”

The meeting drew 58 different companies vying to do the job, a good sign for the health and prosperity of the construction industry, which has a profound multiplying effect on job growth. The construction contract, which will cost between $155 and $190 million, will require skilled construction workers for civil, plumbing, paving, concrete work, electrical, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), environmental, demolition and engineering to name a few.

“We’re always excited to see that one of our projects can impact people on different levels,” Munson said.

On May 6, the district will open bids, targeting summer for construction to start.

Tony M - Copy– Tony Mercado
Neighborhood liaison


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