Neighborhood meeting, home visits kick off project outreach effort

District intern Tara Pozzi photographs from the backyard of a resident.

The views of the Santa Clara Valley from several homes near the Rinconada plant are some of the best you’ll find. So it’s understandable that those living closest to the facility would have some trepidation with the idea of new buildings going up on the grounds.

From that perspective, the team overseeing the Reliability Improvement Project took steps throughout August to give homeowners a better idea of what their views could potentially look like post construction. Using cameras with built-in geographic information systems technology, our team snapped photos from more than a dozen backyards and balconies and will use the pictures and coordinates to figure out exactly what the new view from a location will be.

Project Manager Mike Munson discusses the project during the July 31 meeting.
Project Manager Mike Munson discusses the project during the July 31 meeting.

The project team arranged the visits following a July 31 meeting with those living closest to the treatment plant, recognizing they would feel the most impact from the work. Topics discussed included hours of work, potential increase of traffic and noise, staging area location and height of the new buildings.

Those visual impacts, including additional landscaping to screen the new buildings, garnered the most interest, leading to residents eagerness to take advantage of the district’s offer to photograph from their property. All attendees signed up and the district will continue to schedule visits for any homeowner interested in this service.

Another meeting to include more residents in the Los Gatos community is being scheduled. Keep watching the blog for the announcement.


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